FC Rules
-Causing intentional harm to another Linkshell/Free Company member will not be tolerated.
-Nibelheim accepts everyone, hate speech will not be tolerated.
-Excess drama will result in removal from the Linkshell/Free Company.
-Theft will not be tolerated.
-Intentional ninja looting will not be tolerated, and will result in an instant kick from the FC.
-Players given ONE WARNING, after which future indiscretions will result in expulsion from the FC.
-Any player given 'Officer' status can be demoted if they do not act in a way that befits their station.
-No say, shout, or emoting anything that would be considered insulting, mocking, or distracting to other Linkshells/Free Companies.
-Your trial can be terminated at any point by a leader.
-Signing up to events on the forums is necessary (A Player that has signed up will be taken over a player that has not).
-Play your job, play it properly, and learn to be better (ask others for help).
-People are here to help you beat content, if you aren't doing your best you are wasting up to 7/8 other peoples time.
-Food and Potions are REQUIRED, watch a video before entering a fight (e.g Ravana Extreme) so you are ready for it.
-If you are not ready for a fight you will only be holding everyone else back, so please be considerate.
-Players MUST use Teamspeak, even if only to listen.
-Members of the FC do not OWE you a win, everyone is spending their time to help you learn to beat this content, say thank you after the event!
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.